Windows How-to Guide: QtWebKit4.dll DLL File and How to Fix QtWebKit4.dll DLL Error

Knowledge Before You Try to Fix Qt DLL Errors

QtWebKit4.dll is a C++ application development framework and associated with Qt4 of Nokia Corporation. And Qt4 is free and open source software, allowing authors to develop web-enabled applications and user interfaces once, and deploy them across Windows, Mac, Linux, embedded Linux, Windows CE and mobile devices. Here we’ve reviewed and detailed some typical Qt errors below that you had been annoyed. Furthermore, some original users should learn more about the content we reported in References section, which would help you better fix the DLL Error.

Detailed Typical Examples of Qt Errors(For advanced users ONLY)

Qt Installation and/or Qt-based Application Problems: Assembler Error in Qtembeddd, Version 4.4.3

The Qt assembler error we reviewed above would inform you that: “standard input error code 824/841/852: no such instruction: `swpb % …’”. The main reason may be that the Assembler you were trying to install on a Linux g++ 32 platform does NOT maintain ARM device.

Qt SDK Installer Error: Qt Simulator [Debug] Error Code 2; [ui_menu.h] Error Code 127

Detailed Information of Qt Simulator [Debug] Error Code 2; [ui_menu.h] Error Code 127
  • Error Classification: Application bug
  • Error Priority: Not evaluated yet
  • Edition/s Can Be Affected: Version 1.0 beta
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3)
  • Error Resolution: Invalid yet

Nokia Qt Creator Plugin Loader Error Messages

You could have received Nokia Qt Creator Plugin Loader Error Messages what we reviewed above, telling you that “C:Qtqtcreator-1.3.83libqtreatorpluginsNokiaHelp.dll: Cannot load library …”.

Info about Qt Internal Error on OSX: qt_menu.nib could not be loaded

To fix Qt internal error we reviewed above, you may try to automatically reproduce the framework file by employing some macdeployqt software into the original path/folder you have Qt app installed.

Nokia Qt Crash Error: Exception Code – c0000005

And “QT designer.exe has stopped working error” box would detail you that:

  • Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
  • Application Name: Designer.exe
  • Exception Offset: 0007c30d

Detailed Qt QtWebKit4.dll DLL File Info

Latest Version 4.7.4
File Size 10,895,360 KB
Builder Nokia Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) and/or its subsidiary(-ies)
Released Date September 1, 2011
Released Category Maintenance release for desktops
File Description C++ application development framework.
File MD5 31e91fec5cd1aa966044ad7030d4ca04

Standard Example of Qt(version, 4.7) Error Window: Network Application Error

The Qt error box we reviewed above would tell you that: “The requested network resource is unavailable.”

Expert Guide for you to Thoroughly Fix Qt DLL Error and Remove Fake Qt Virus

You may have received QtWebKit4.dll DLL error message and the application you’re launching refused to start. Even you have tried to download the original DLL file and then replace it, the application still not working. It is possible that:

  • You had incorrectly processed method of uninstalling some application related to Qt or C++ software.
  • The QtWebKit4.dll DLL file association is broken or has been targeted/hijacked by certain virus, Trojan app, worms or other malware types.

Effective Way to:

Fix QtWebKit4.dll DLL error, please download the Windows registry error fix tool below:

To remove QtWebKit4.dll DLL virus, we also recommend you to perform a free & full virus scan whether the DLL file is infected.

Detailed Resolutions to Fix Qtwebkit4.dll DLL Errors

Resolution #1: You can try to recover/restore the lost or deleted DLL files: please go back to your desktop -> double clicks on Windows Recycling Bin icon to fast detect and save the DLL still stored by your Windows -> then please right click that file, choose and run Restore command. More:

Resolution #2: You need to remove/uninstall and then re-install some application or software associated with the DLL file, here we take Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) as an example for you to learn more on uninstall approaches for some corrupt or unwanted software: please press Start button -> locate Settings section -> then enter Control Panel -> examine those Qt software or apps developed by Nokia® company or one of its subsidiaries -> click Support Info to confirm before you are ready to press Remove button and then follow those uninstalling steps/windows -> please DO save everything, e.a., your Office Word data and other editing pages, like WordPress, other web blog before you reboot your machine. Furthermore:

Resolution #3: You need to remove/delete the old, broken Qt DLL file, backup your system and then replace the original Qt file with the new, proper DLL file. Here you will be informed by File.Replace Method page.

Detailed steps on how to replace in-use files by Windows: please log on your computer as Administrator -> open up My Computer -> visit Folder Options menu -> click View tab, please then choose “Show hidden files and folders” opinion; then uncheck “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)” item -> click Apply button and then OK button -> return to Start menu -> enter Search section, applying all those system searching opinions -> start to auto search mode for all disk -> wait for the search list, then choose, confirm and apply Delete command on right menu -> visit and then search official Qt database, and then turn to Google for help to download, save a new QtWebKit4.dll DLL file in its original path, folder -> save your work and then restart your PC.


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