How to uninstall PC Performer – PC Performer Removal Instructions

Is this program genuine or fake?

PC Performer is a computer optimization software. Legit PC Performer claims it has these functions “Speed up your PC, enhance its performance, and get rid of registry errors. Prevent system crashes and improve response time.” But virus or spyware takes use of its name to scare people and make them treat fake PC Performer virus is real. It tells it has more functions such as Scan Registry, Defrag Registry,Backup Registry. If the tool was hijacked by viruses, then it became dangerous. So many people don’t know which PC Performer is genuine. Fake one is highly regarded FREE utilities that do the same as other rogue things.  Many computer users rashly signed up to the PC tool but didn’t receive an activation key and then worried that they’ve passed on my details to some unknown. Yes. fake PC Performer is just a phishing thread, people have paid money and registered for this, finally found out that this is waste of money. If you’re worried about your credit card information was stolen by fake PC Performer and can’t view it on-line, contact the issuer’s customer services to check if there is a problem, or contact your bank company to cancel the deal. Since you realize fake PC Performer is a scam, then please remove it ASAP.

ScreenShot of PC Performer

How to delete this PC application permanently?

Can’t get rid of PC Performer thing? If you had come here first we could of advised you on what would be best for you requirements. But it is not to late for you to eliminate fake computer software from your computer. First you must make sure if you can remove it from Control panel. If you have no luck to remove it, we are sure it has related to some threats. So you need to manually uninstall PC Performer and clean all infections.

Try to update your Antivirus software, apply a full virus scanner in Windows Safe Mode to remove PC Performer, to then try to fix other Internet Explorer errors.

To Remove this Fake Performer, please follow the step by step guide below.

Step1: Please click Start menu, next click Control Panel.

Step2: Please follow this PC Performer uninstalling tutorial to get it removed. Click Add or Remove Programs to go ahead.

Step3: Click on PC Performer and select remove.


When you have finished all the steps, then PC Performer has been removed completely.

Now please get the following video guide to check and delete potential threats from registry entry.
video tutorial on how to modify or change Registry entries generated by Fake thing:

To Remove fake PC Performer, you need to diagnose your PC. Have you ever installed an useful anti-spyware program? If not, just get an  anti-virus solution installed on your computer, then run as Administrator to clean the PC scam.

If in case you were failed to remove PC Performer by yourself, you can get professional tech support from PC Experts 24/7 online.

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