How to Safely/Completely Remove/Uninstall Norton 360 6.0 – Free Norton 360 Virus Protection from Symantec Uninstall Review

Encountered Some Errors or Problems with Your Newly Installed “N-3-6″? Then You Want to Uninstall It from Your Machine? Want to Learn More about This A+ Virus Scanner? Then You Read Related Details below.

In short, you could follow the Youtube video below – How to Uninstall Norton 360 6.0- to safely & fully remove it from your system. After that, you can review some more information on system requirements for Norton 360 6.0 installation, and some more popular FAQs listed on Norton website; post your issues on its official forum. And more.

A Quick Method to Uninstall N-3-v6.0

Preface: This way would help you completely & manually clean Norton leftover files. And for those remained in Registry Editor, you are advised that you run the uninstall tool below to safely clean them from Windows.

  • Log in your device as Administrator; save and close other open programs, like Windows Microsoft Word 2010, and other weblog pages
  • Right click on the shortcut file, named Norton 360, on your Desktop
  • Click on the Up button on file folder until you enter the Program Files folder
  • Run the InstStub.exe (Note: which is located in C:\Program Files\NortonInstaller\{0C55C096-0F1D-4F28-AAA2-85EF591126E7}\N360\A5E82D02\, to automatically uninstall “N-3-6″. You can select the two options listed to remove it. You then wait for the removal procedure completes
  • Save your work; reboost your computer
  • Search and then, delete Norton file, registry entry remains to completely uninstall “N-3-6″. Moreover, you may need to load your system in Safe Mode, then you detect and try to clean them you find

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