How to Remove VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.XG

VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.XG is a kind of malicious back door Trojan that breaks into your computer by opens a security loophole then allows hackers or other malicious programs to command your infected computer. It can also slow down your PC performance by loading lots of procedures and send your private info especially financial info to hackers who create this malware and use it to scam money. VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.XG is able to redirects browsers to unsafe website or even disable the internet connection. What is worse, it cannot be deleted perfectly by antivirus and best be removed manually.


Details about VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.XG

When you get Win32/Obfuscator.XG, it will change your registry settings and other important windows system files such as patch user32.dll to change the registry key to another value, randomly generated. All dynamic libraries listed in this newly created registry key will then be injected automatically in every program linked against user32.dll. Which is worse, if VirTool:win32/obfuscator.xg stays long enough in the infected computer it can cause a complete computer crash.

After get infected, VirTool:win32/obfuscator.xg slows down your computer which makes you feel like your computer is stuck. This includes opening programs, shutting down your computer, and slowing down Internet speed by loading lots of processes on the infected computer.

When you get VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.XG, Your homepage such as Google, Yahoo Searches are redirected, your browsers are hijacked, the Browser homepage settings are changed and desktop background image. This is a common symptom of a very serious VirTool:win32/obfuscator.xg infection.

Some VirTool:win32/obfuscator.xg infections make security vulnerability then break into the infected computer. It brings large amount of malware to the infected computer and sometimes may contains Trojan and key loggers which can be used to steal sensitive data like passwords, credit card info, bank account information etc. So it is very important to remove VirTool:win32/obfuscator.xg as early as possible before it steals your information and sends to hackers or cybercrimes.

VirTool:win32/obfuscator.xg Virus will display numerous fake infections of exaggerated security threats on your computer and then state that you should purchase the program in order to remove the infections. Do not trust the warnings shown by VirTool:win32/obfuscator.xg.

If you failed to remove Internet Crime Complaint Center Scam, please consult YooCare certified professionals to remove it completely.


Some of the following damages could happen as a result once you have this Trojan installed:

1. Lots of pop-up advertisements can be flooded your desktop.
2. Your computer is acting slow and it always takes a long time for programs you installed to response.
3. It drops harmful files and makes several changes on computer settings.
4. Your Internet homepage may be changed or your Internet searches are redirected to other suspicious websites without your permission.
5. It can avoid detection and remove security software installed on the corrupted PC.

Trojan Manual Removal Guides:

Before you start to clean up the infected PC, back-up your important data to avoid irreparable consequences.

1. Show hidden files and folders.

Open Folder Options by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Folder Options.

Click the View tab.

Under Advanced settings, click Show hidden files and folders, uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK.

2. Open Registry entries. Find out the malicious files and entries and then delete all.

Attention: Always be sure to back up your PC before making any changes.

a. Press the “Start” button and then choose the option “Run”. In the “Open” field, type “regedit” and click the “OK” button.

b. All malicious files and registry entries that should be deleted:
%System%\[NAME OF AN EXISTING DLL]32.dll
%UserProfile%\Application Data\random.exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[RANDOM].exe”

VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.XG is a highly dangerous Trojan that can access victims’ computers to rip off their important information for other malicious purposes. It can compromise your system and may introduce additional infections like rogue software. Similar to other threats, it has the ability to disable your security software from being deleted, modify system settings and gather confidential data to a remote hacker. Meanwhile, it takes up high resources and strikingly slows down your computer speed and even causes your computer stuck frequently. Besides those visible bad behaviors, this threat still involves more potential threats that may ruin your system. Hence, you have to remove this pesky Trojan from your PC as soon as possible, or it will cause irreparable damages to your PC.

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