How to Remove virus ( hijacker Remover)

Infected by Searchnu/406? How to eliminate? (Searchnu/406 or Searchnu/413 or mozilla homepage) is  identified as website hijacker virus which just released by browser hackers. Searchnu is horrible google redirecting virus and the same stubborn as is one of malicious google redirect viruses which runs in the background by seeking discovered vulnerability. It attempts to help you search online and get what you want, like you daily search on google. is designed to look like real search engine, but actually is not that, it’s just an ad page to attract customers to click on.  Once installed, this malicious threat can take over the infected computer’s web browser and then force users to visit always. It’s prone to infect browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and in google chrome. virus is stopping all attempts to set Google as my home changed your browser’s settings, so to get it normal you have to remove this virus without any delay.As its main target is Google Search users so thousands upon thousands people got stuck with the hijacker. And some of them  hope Google can make a free tool to remove this trojan and restore normal Google behaviour,but it won’t be tough-minded. Although site appears to be harmless, in reality, links that provided by may probably redirect you to blank websites, to advertisements or even to malicious websites which will show you misleading information then steal your money. is also affiliated with ZeroAccess Rootkit, that is why it will come back soon after a reboot if the adware hasn’ t been deleted completely. But you can remove virus absolutely here. ScreenShot

Detailed Steps walk you through the Searchnu Browser hijacker Removal

Step #1: To Remove the adware, You Need to restart your computer and get in safe mode with networking.

Note: This meets needs of users who are running a Microsoft® Windows® Operating System (XP, Vista and Win 7).

How big is the problem cause by Searchnu/406 virus? will create tracking cookies, then you cannot open search engine. Attacked by Search nu virus, your google search engine started acting very sluggish, links to other parts of the Google website 404, and links in the search results always redirect you to After some research it’s very clear that this is a fake Google homepage and that you are infected with a redirect virus. When first realized it is a browser hijacker, many users  tried to take it upon themselves to fix bug but they have failed in doing so. They uninstalled Java and reinstalled the latest version and restarted, and downloaded and ran MalwareBytes, which removed some suspicious files and restarted, and finally they downloaded and ran Combo Fix and restarted. None of them worked, problem is still there . So please try the guide below to kill it righ now.

Step #2: Delete some stuff of Searchnu virus.


Step #3: To Remove google redirect virus, you need to fullcheck your computer. Have you ever installed any anti-spyware security software for your Windows machine? Or it had just disabled by the browser hijacker? Or, you just don’t have any anti-virus solution installed on your computer, then here you can get one downloaded and installed in your system as Administrator to clean the rogueware.

Download Removal Tool
If you failed to remove with the tool above, please consult YooCare certified professionals to remove it completely. Live chat with professionals now

Here goes my video tutorial on how to modify or delete registry entries of Searchnucom:

Note: please search out the whole Registry to find out, then delete the value created by this Searchnu scareware!

And for more computer newbies, please be careful when you are going to get rid of by yourself, for the malicious website it not easy to be fixed. Please examine your System Configuration Utility via entering Msconfig command in the Run link. Please remove any item related to rogueware  when you are sure you will get the correct steps. Update your Antivirus software, apply a full virus scanner in Windows Safe Mode to remove scamware, to then try to fix other Internet Explorer errors.

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Based on various situations and computer skills, you can choose the following solutions fit for you.
1. Follow the steps we provide to mannually remove the virus.
2. Download Removal Tool
3. If you failed to remove with the tool above, please consult YooCare certified professionals to remove it completely. Live chat with professionals now

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