How To Remove Polizia postale e delle (CNAIPIC) Virus Permanently

Is your computer locked by Polizia postale e delle (CNAIPIC) fake alert? Since your computer was suffered from the nasty virus, what do you need to do to save your computer?

Polizia postale e delle (CNAIPIC) Virus is a fake Italy police Alert designed to lock your computer as Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus did. This pops up is represented by Centro Nazionale Anticrimine Informatico per la Protezione delle Infrastrutture Critiche (CNAIPIC). This pesky virus was made to lock your computer, especially for the system that in Italian. That is to say, this malware mostly to attack Italian or people who speak Italian all over the world.  Once your computer was attacked by Polizia postale e delle (CNAIPIC) Virus then your whole screen was covered by the fake alert, you can’t do anything but with the full CNAIPIC, and the scamware also pops up in safe mode. It keeps asking for a sum of money (100 euros in Ukash) to unlock your system. People did try to connect to an external monitor before the virus message appeared and hi-jacked their laptops. But  the Polizia postale e delle (CNAIPIC) Virus is so tricky, do it quickly, though. It’s giving you fake alerts that your system has crashed. Your whole screen just went white for a bit. Have tried starting in safe mode doesnt work, and restoring to last good settings doesnt, found info on how to remove in command prompt but dont know how. Then you get an effectice mothod or just talk to PC experts online for instant help.

Polizia postale e delle (CNAIPIC) Ukash Virus ScreenShot

The Symptoms of Italy police Ukash Virus

It locked your computer and scares you to pay 100 Euro to save your computer.

The fake alert pops up and blocks everything before you can do anything on your computer.

The Italy ukash virus changes your settings and makes your system is acting sluggish.

You have warning about IP address  has been tracked and there is message informing: attention!!!the process of illegal activity is detected.

Your system was full of ukash payment screen, and you are required to pay 100€ within 24 hours or 48 hours, otherwise, your computer will be damaged.

To Remove Polizia postale e delle virus or CNAIPIC malware, first please stop and kill its processes.

Step1: Restart your computer and get in safe mode with command, use the arrow key to highligt safe mode with command option, then press Enter key, stop all processes of the Virus from TASK MANAGER.


Step2. Delete all associated files generated by the Fake thing.

Step3. Follow the manual removal video guide to completely eliminate CNAIPIC fake alert from registry entry.

Similar video tutorial on how to modify or change Windows Registry:

After remove the main processes and the registry keys of the fake Polizia postale e delle (CNAIPIC)  pops up then update your Antivirus software, do a full scan in Windows Safe Mode to fix the Bug, then try to fix other errrors.
Learn More Variants of Polizia postale e delle (CNAIPIC) Ukash Rogue

Polizia postale e delle (CNAIPIC) is a clone of the well-known family such as Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) virus, london metropolitan police virus, ransomware politie, bundespolizei virus, Gendarmerie virus, and Police Central e-crime Unit (PCEU) virus. Now that you know it is a scam just want to rip computer users off, you must be careful when you are surfing online to avoid locking by the diagusting fake alert.

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