Fix Windows 8 Metro Apps Error – Windows 8 Metro Apps Error Report

Need Some Expert Support on Your “Windows 8 Metro Apps Just Could NOT Open” Problem?

OKay, here goes detailed resolutions for your DIY jobs to fix Windows 8 Metro apps error below:

1. Please Check and Correct/Reset Microsoft Windows 8 Screen Resolution

Microsoft Windows8 Metro applications require a Screen Resolution of 1024 by 768(1024 * 768) pixels. Please follow these quick steps to adjust the Screen Resolution Setting in Windows 8: click Display link -> then enter Screen Resolution portion -> you’ll see and locate Resolution item -> single click on that item, scroll down, then choose “1024 * 768, which means 1024 wide and 768 high” -> please click Apply button and then the OK button to quit Screen Resolution window.

2. Please Restore/Reset Windows8 UAC (User Account Control) into Default Mode

If you had unintentionally disabled UAC in Windows 8, please do these steps to aid you to fix Windows 8 Metro apps error:

1). Please return to your Windows 8 Start Screen -> then locate and enter Control Panel box

2). Entering Windows 8 Control Panel section, please then locate and click More settings link, detailing you that “For even more control, go to the Desktop Control Panel”.

3). In the Control Panel, please click User Accounts and Family Safety link, informing that:

  • Add or remove use accounts
  • Set up parental controls for any user

4). Then please go on to click User Accounts link, detailing you that:

  • Add or remove use accounts
  • Change your Windows password

5). Please click Change User Account Control settings link in the Make changes to your user account item.

6). Now we are in the right place to restore/reset Windows8 UAC: you’ll see the four levels on the left of User Account Control Settings box; to fix Windows 8 Metro apps error, you are suggested to choose the second one, Default level, informing you that “Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer.”

7). Please then click OK button to apply your opinion made to Windows 8 UAC settings and quit it.

Tip: here you can also shortcut to Windows 8 UAC settings section: press Windows logo or your Start key + R key, then enter MSConfig command prompt (a.k.a., System Configuration in Windows Vista/7 platform, or called Microsoft System Configuration Utility in older Windows operating systems) -> move onto Tools tab -> look into the second line, Change UAC Settings -> please then click Apply button and then the OK button to enter Windows 8 UAC settings we detailed above.

3. Try to Apply and Use Non-Administrator Accounts in Windows 8

Please press the Home Key + R key, then please enter lusrmgr.msc prompt to run Local Users and Groups manager, choose one of those Non-Administrator accounts; meanwhile you’d better set your password to it, by right clicking on that account, choosing and then running Set Password item on the right menu.

4. Try to Log on Your Windows 8 As the Administrator

Please disable the optional capability to sign in your Microsoft Windows 8 system with your Windows Live ID or other E-mail IDs

  • Please click Control Panel link on Start screen; or enter Control Panel command prompt into Run item to open it.
  • Then click User Accounts link on Windows 8 CP menu:
  • Or you can also visit Start -> choose and run Search command
  • Click Settings section, then enter user in the Search box you’ll see, then click User Accounts link.
  • Entering Windows 8 User Accounts box, please then find and click Manage another account item
  • Then you’ll see all the user accounts in your Windows 8 system. To remove other Non-Administrator accounts, you just need to right click on that one, choose and confirm running Delete command.

5. Examine Graphics Drivers Installed in Your Windows 8 Machine

Please make sure that your Windows 8 Developer Preview (version 8102 or 6.2.8102.0) is downloaded and installed from its official website; then you can call MS Windows 8 development project for further support, by filling your graphics drivers bug report.

Conclusion: If you still have a problem on how to fix Windows 8 Metro apps error; or any other suggestion, please leave me a reply or Email me. :)

Thanks all of you dear readers. :)

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