Hijacked by VIPSearch.net Fraud? Remove VIP Search Redirect Virus

Have the problem of being redirected with VIPSEARCH?

VIPSearch.net (VIPSearch Redirect) is identified as google redirect viru which just released by browser hackers recently. VIPSearch.net is horrible hijacker and the same stubborn as searchnu.com/421. The hackers have created such kind of virus with one goal. Every time you enter to the suspicious sites there is a possibility for your system to be infected. VIPSearch.net is designed to look like real search engine, but it is a scamware. Hijacked by VIPSearch.net then that all your Google searches are redirected via VIPSearch.net. The VIPSearch virus is really nasty, the problem of this VIPSearch is with both browsers: Firefox and Internet Explorer 8, and it effects Windows XP, Vista and Win 7. Moreover, this virus is used with the aim of purchasing something in the web. Some pages might force you to buy something, to spend your money in an inappropriate way. VIPSearch.net Google Redirect virus can also fools people, trick them into the installing of some rogue programs. Although Searchbif.net site appears to be harmless, in reality, but indeed it is a scam. Though you are redirected to the links with a safe content, the virus is dangerous and needs to be removed. So you must quickly remove VIPSearch.net virus. Below you can find the information about how you can remove VIP Search Redirect Virus from your PC safe and easy.

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Detailed Steps help you clean the VIPsearch Redirect + Virus + Trojan

Step #1: To Remove VIPSearch.net adware, You Need to restart your computer and get in safe mode with networking.

Note: This meets needs of users who are running a Microsoft® Windows® Operating System (XP, Vista and Win 7).

How big is the problem cause by VIPSearch.net virus?

VIPSearch.net is a high level threat. When people want to do Google searches. They kept being redirected with VIPSearch. And what is funny, they have Trend micro Titanium Maximum Security 2012 and Malwarebytes. Both programs detected problems: Malware.Gen, Trojan.Qhost.Gen, Trojan. Qhost.BG. They also removed the files infected by these viruses/Trojan detected by the antivirus programs. But no luck they still have the problem of being redirected with VIPSEARCH. It’s very clear that this is a fake Google homepage and that you are infected with the VIP Search redirect virus. People’s computer has been redirecting  his/her browser to vipsearches. It doesn’t matter what he/she type in google, whenever he/she click on any link, the results is that it redirects to some other page. They have tried steps mentioned on other posts about Vipsearch but they dont seem to work. So please try the guide below to fix the annoying problem now.
Step #2: Delete some stuff of VIPSearch.net browser hijacker.
%Appdata%/random host file
Step #3: To Remove VIPSearch google redirect virus, you need to fully check up and clean your PC. Have you ever installed any anti-spyware security software on your machine? Or it had just disabled by VIPSearch.net? Or, you just don’t have any anti-virus solution installed on your computer, then here you can get one downloaded and installed in your system as Administrator to clean VIPSearch.net rogueware.

Video tutorial on how to modify or delete registry entries of VIPSearch:

Note: please search out the whole Registry to find out, then delete the value created by this VIPSearch.net scareware!
Keep in mind that this virus has nothing in common with Google. As usual, developers try to ‘hide’ the true nature of their malicious programs. And for more computer newbies, please be careful when you are going to get rid of VIPSearch.net by yourself, for the malicious website it not easy to be fixed. In order to keep your computers safe and your browsers clean from this malicious program, you need to eliminate VIPSearch Virus.

Please examine your System Configuration Utility via entering Msconfig command in the Run link. Remove any item related to VIPSearch.net rogueware when you are sure you will get the correct steps.

Update your Antivirus software, apply a full virus scanner in Windows Safe Mode to remove VIPSearch.net scamware, to then try to fix other Internet Explorer errors.

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