Fix and Uninstall AVG Antivirus Professional 2012 Error with Special Uninstaller, Special Uninstaller Review

You Just Didn’t Know How to Uninstall AVG Antivirus Professional (2012) Registry Values Left in Your Windows?

Then please follow our AVG Antivirus Professional (2012) uninstall video guide below to completely uninstall AVG 2012. Enjoy:

Have you Been Driven Nuts by AVG Antivirus Professional Error Messages, Such As “AVGNSX.EXE–avgnsx.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close….” When You’re Surfing via Mozilla Firefox or AVG 2011 Business Edition Installation Error Code 0xC0070643, Informing You That “An Unrecoverable error occurred. Severity: Error. Error code: 0xC0070643. Error message: Fatal Error during installation. Additional message: MSI Engine: Failed to install the product. Context: AVG product installation.", but You just Didn’t Know How to Fix or Uninstall AVG Antivirus Professional Error?

To fix or uninstall AVG Antivirus Professional “needs to close” error, you firstly try to disable/delete/uninstall AVG Firefox add-ons. The next method is to completely uninstall the package you’re using; then re-install the latest version of it in custom mode without Link Scanner. And for AVG 8.5 Free Edition “close” error, you need to manually remove “sc.dat” file from AVG program Installation folder (locating in C:Program filesAVGAVG8); please then reboot your device; try to upgrade LinkScanner versions again.

Screen Capture of AVG LinkScanner Component Settings

And for regular Windows ends, please save and run the auto-uninstall tool below to safely fix/uninstall AVG Antivirus Professional error.

To fix or uninstall AVG Antivirus Professional error code 0xC0070643 or AVG Anti-Virus plus Firewall Edition error code 0xc0070781, you need to have Windows firewall shut down – you just CANNOT run 2 firewalls or anti-virus products at the same time (more)- then please modify configuration .ini file.

AVG Antivirus Professional 8.0 Screenshot

More Typical AVG Antivirus Professional Error Messages and Resolutions

If you encountered an AVG Antivirus Professional error or conflict that your Windows Internet Explorer 8 just couldn’t open some webpage for you after you had AVG installed on Windows XP Pro SP3 …

Resolution: to completely fix/uninstall AVG Antivirus Professional conflict action error (also called connection error), please firstly try to temporarily disable your AVG product: please double click AVG tray in Windows Taskbar, then enter Tools menu -> then enter Advanced Settings section -> choose and confirm with Disable AVG option.

Experienced CPU usage at 100% with AVG Anti-virus plus Firewall 9.0.856 when you performed its Unscheduled scan

Resolution: to fix/uninstall AVG Antivirus Professional Unscheduled scan error or high CPU usage problem, you may try to temporarily stop its scan to check the error; or you may set your AVG to skip scanning some big file types, like the .mpeg for for audios and videos; and also the .rmvb for the RealMedia.

Encountered “Outlook(2007) not responding” error after you had AVG with Firewall installed on a Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2)

Resolution: to fix Outlook 2007 “not responding” error caused by that AVG edtion, please try to thoroughly remove/uninstall the AVG Anti-Virus Professional software and those leftovers in Windows Safe Mode, then try a new installation with the E-Mail plug-in for Outlook chosen ONLY.

To fix/uninstall AVG Antivirus Professional error safely & automatically, please download and run AVG Antivirus Professional uninstaller right here for you.

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