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How To Remove Websearch.mocaflix Browser Hijacker Permanently?

One day, when you open your browser and find that some weird icons and search bar have been added on the top of your favorite browser. This toolbar is added stealthily on your browser without your notice and permission. You may find numerous problems in using your browser such as internet explorer and firefox, etc. after that weird icon added on your computer. It is opened more and more slowly. You can never use the search engine normally as usual. Even when you open some normal legitimate web sites, you are always redirected to or some strange advertisement pages. If you have those symptoms, unfortunately, your PC has infected with a browse hijacker called Websearch.mocaflix.

Websearch.mocaflix Redirect Virus Description

Websearch.mocaflix redirect virus is a dangerous browser hijacker which will redirect PC user’s search results. The redirect viruses like or Welcome to ngnix are familiar with us. Recently, many PC users were attacked by this nasty browser hijacker. It was created by hackers aiming to spread some ads by infecting computers. This browser hijacker which can modify the fault setting of your browser to take over the browser’s authorization, change your homepage, block your resources, redirect the search engines to some malicious websites which contain lots of threats such as dangerous links and pop-ups. Once infected by it, every time you try to use your search engines such as Google, Firefox, and IE redirection, your results will always be forced to Websearch.mocaflix or its related malicious websites, which would constantly molest your system with lots pop-ups and ads. If you think that it is not harmful with the advertisements on its site. Hackers just hope you to click on some of those advertisements on Websearch.mocaflix so that they can make more advertising fees. If you did that then it must be a big mistake you have done. You are definitely underestimated this annoying virus. Little by little, it will gradually slow down your PC and make it runs as a snail damaging you system completely. What is more, the worse news is that the virus is designed to collect user’s personal information such as password, credit card number, email address, etc. It will access into your PC through Internet connection without your knowledge. It is confirmed to say that all of your personal information will exposed into a dangerous situation. It is highly recommended that you eliminate this infection as soon as possible before it further messes up your system.

Where had it come from

1. Browsing Webpages- Most of the people go through browsing malicious webpages through their computers which are completely contained with various malicious agents which enters the PC while browsing, and make various unintentional changes in the system settings, browser settings, and Windows Registry settings. Since these settings in computers are essential to run the PC efficiently, if something goes wrong with them, it’s obvious for system get infected with Websearch.mocaflix.

2. Peer to peer file sharing over the connected network- sharing various kinds of files such as freewares, documents, video or audio files, etc over the peer to peer connection over the internet can also be the possible cause of Sweetpacks Search infections get stroked to computers.

3. Outdated security programs- PC users installs various kinds of third party security programs such as firewalls, antivirus software, etc to remove all possible infections from their system, but while using it, they unfortunately forget to update them regularly so that the program get outdated, and due to unawareness of latest spyware signatures, infections like Websearch.mocaflix get intrudes into PCS.

4. Downloading free-wares or other data from untrusted links- Most of the spyware infections like Websearch.mocaflix are caused in the system due to downloading various data such as movies, ebooks, documents , music files, etc from the links or webpages which are completely or partially untrusted.

If you failed to remove Websearch.mocaflix redirect virus, please consult YooCare certified professionals to remove it completely.

Looking at the following picture, as you can see that your Internet Explore was hijack by Websearch.mocaflix redirect virus. Every time you open the search engines will direct to Websearch.mocaflix and even malicious websites.

Specific features of Websearch.mocaflix redirect virus
1. Websearch.mocaflix redirect virus might change your default DNS configuration and Windows hosts file. These actions may lead to the blocking access to particular web resources. As to the web viewer, it is as well exposed to impact of this hijacker.
2. All the settings, among them the default homepage, search system you use, personal bookmarks etc. may be easily and repeatedly customized, in the bad sense.
3. Websearch.mocaflix redirect virus affects the web search navigation, once the person types a search request and presses the ‘Search’ button; he is forcibly rerouted either to fake search engines, or to phishing sites with lots of ads, dubious links.
How dangerous of Websearch.mocaflix hijack Virus:

This infection will change homepage and redirect your other search engines. If Websearch.mocaflix Hijack Virus is not removed, it can cause a complete computer crash. Websearch.mocaflix Hijack Virus contains Trojan and key loggers which can be used to steal sensitive data like passwords, credit card, bank account information etc. So it is very important to remove Websearch.mocaflix Hijack Virus as early as possible before it steals your information.

Why Antivirus Program Cannot Assist You?

To receive help, many people would use different kinds of antivirus programs (AVG, Norton, Mcafee, Avast, MSE, Spybox) to try to remove it but failed. Do you know why? The reason is that the virus can change its code daily or more often that no program can keep up to remove it. So, even though you have the top antivirus program installed, Websearch.mocaflix redirect virus still gets through without your consent. After this evil virus gets in and has taken over your computer, you just won’t be able to download or run any security tool properly to get rid of the malware. In such circumstance, manual removal is required.

How to remove Websearch.mocaflix manually?

Please, be informed that manual removal of Websearch.mocaflix browser hijacker is a cumbersome procedure and does not always ensure complete deletion of it, since some files might be hidden or may automatically reanimate themselves later. If you haven’t sufficient expertise in dealing with program files, processes, dll files and registry entries, it may lead to mistakes damaging your system.
Steps1: launch your computer in Safe Mode with Networking

  1. Remove all floppy disks, CDs, and DVDs from your computer, and then restart your computer.
  2. After hearing your computer beep once during startup, start pressing the F8 key on your keyboard. On a computer that is configured for booting to multiple operating systems, you can press the F8 key when the Boot Menu appears.
  3. On the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to highlight SafeMode with Networking , and then press ENTER

Steps2: Press CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. Open the Windows Task Manager.
If that didn’t work, try another way. Press the Start button and click on the Run option. This will start the Run tool. Type in taskMGR and press OK. This should start the Windows Task Manager

Steps 3: Within the Windows Task Manager click on the Processes tab. Find the process by name. random.exe. Then scroll the list to find required process. Select it with your mouse or keyboard and click on the End Process button. This will kill the process.

Step 4: Delete associated files of Websearch.mocaflix Redirect virus:

%AppData%[trojan name]toolbarcouponscategories.xml

%AppData%[trojan name]toolbarcouponsmerchants2.xml

%AppData%[trojan name]toolbarstat.log

%AppData%[trojan name]toolbaruninstallStatIE.dat
Step 5: Remove registry entries of Websearch.mocaflix Redirect virus:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClassesCLSID{99079a25-328f-4bd4-be04-00955acaa0a7}InprocServer32 “C:PROGRA~1WINDOW~4ToolBar[trojan name]dtx.dll”

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClassesCLSID{A40DC6C5-79D0-4ca8-A185-8FF989AF1115}ProgID “[trojan name]IEHelper.UrlHelper.1″


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerToolbar “[trojan name] Toolbar”

Attention: As can be seen, Websearch.mocaflix thing is an annoying virus which definitely redirects PC browser’s search results.  Little by little, it will slow down your PC and further harm to mess up your files and damage you system completely.  And please don’t consider removing this nasty virus automatically since it can escape all kinds of top antiviruses such as AVG, Norton, Mcafee, Avast, MSE, Spybox, etc. So, don’t download unknown so called “free” antivirus, which won’t resolve your problem and may lead you to another virus. All the instructions above are prepared for those who have much computer knowledge and are familiar with this kind for virus. If you haven’t sufficient expertise in dealing with program files, processes, dll files and registry entries, it may lead to mistakes damaging your system. Before you begin to eliminate such infection, you should think it twice. On the other hand, all the instructions above are aim at the common infection situation. As for Websearch.mocaflix redirect virus, there are many variables according to different computers. What’s worse, as time goes by, Websearch.mocaflix browser hijacker may change itself to other versions, which adds more difficult to the removal. As we mentioned above, this virus infection is a cascaded infection. The related files or may be changed. Unless you specialize in virus removal, to remove a browser hijacker is a complex task.

Best Solution To Get Rid Of Windows Anti-Malware Patch

Windows Anti-Malware Patch is classified as fake antivirus software that belongs to a family of rogues called “FakeVimes”. This virus pretends to looking for infections on your computer by using a fake scanner. Windows Anti-Malware Patch deliberately displays false scan results and fake security warnings that your computer contains a large amount of infections thought imitating actions of antivirus programs. Cyber criminals who released this scam just want to trick you into thinking your computer was severely infected and expect you would by its fake services later. When this virus is installed, it will modify your PC in such a manner that it gets started automatically, you are unable to launch your normal Windows programs. You may feel really confused that how does this nasty virus come into your computer since you always keep using computer carefully and correctly. Actually, you may get such infection when you are surfing online for shopping, opening unknown emails, watching videos on the infected websites, playing game online, or downloading various unknown “free” software. Once been infected by Windows Anti-Malware Patch, you may not be able to access your Task Manager, Registry Editor. What’s more, you will not be able to connect to the Internet, or launch most Windows executable. So it is high time for you to take steps to uninstall this virus from your computer immediately.

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Description of Trojan: Win32/Alureon.FO.

Trojan: Win32/Alureon.FO is identified as a dangerous Trojan which has done great harm to many compromised computers. This stubborn virus can attach itself to some legitimate software and websites so that you can get it suddenly and without your approval. It also can do its nasty activities to network so that your other computer is also very easy to be infected by it if they are sharing the same network. Once installed in your computer, it would like to try its great effort to execute its illegal activities via a way so called “backdoor” which we can’t notice at all. And it means that your personal information is at risk now because they can be transmitted to remote attacker via “backdoor” without your notification. It also can change your registry without your consent so that your computer will be received a lot of unwanted pop ups constantly. Furthermore, it will bring many other malware to infected computer so that your computer will run more slowly than before and function worse. Do you run a variety of anti-virus to get rid of it? Actually you may have found the result by yourself that no anti-virus can handle it. Therefore, we recommend you to remove it via manual removal.

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BACKDOOR.FINFISH is a Trojan horse that will set up a secret channel so called backdoor to enable other malware to access your computer without your approval. And this is the most common way for Trojan to do great harm to many computers. Why do I say that? Because all the data on the infected computer will be transferred to the hackers via this unknown path. This backdoor channel also can be regarded as spying on user’s activities. Therefore, it would be a risky action if you want to make some transaction or do some shopping on line.
BACKDOOR.FINFISH can slow down your computer, change your registry, modify your desktop settings and flood your computer with a lot of unwanted advertisements. If you have noticed that these changes don’t be made by yourself, then it may mean that your computer has been infected by it. Worse still, it changes every time so that you may find that it is really hard to detect it and remove it from your computer completely. But please don’t feel frustrated about that. Here comes a good news – Manual removal is the effective way to kick this nasty virus off your computer permanently now.

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Definition of Trojan.Malhtaccess.

Trojan.Malhtaccess belongs to a stubborn and harmful Trojan which can cause a lot of troublesome to the infected computer system. How does your computer get this nasty virus without your notification and consent? Firstly, many users can get this virus all of a sudden when they are surfing the internet or watching videos unwarily because this virus can hide itself in legitimate websites. This Trojan is very tricky so that it can escape from the scanning of anti-virus. However, it has done great harm to your system before it is noticed. Firstly, it can mess up some system files and then change some system settings. That is one of the reason why you can get many unwanted pop ups constantly. Secondly, it acts like a thief to steal personal information and transmit to remote attacker. Thirdly, it will bring a lot of malware to your infected computer so that it will be functioned worse. We should not ignore the harm it will bring to the infected computer. Therefore, we should take all necessary measures to kill it soon. But you may have noticed that anti-virus can’t be regarded as the effective way to remove it. It should be manually removed so that your computer will be safe to use again.

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Have you been alerted by a fake antivirus software that your computer contained many fatal threats? Can you trust such a program whose interface just looks like legitimate antivirus program? If you are searching for a solution, please read this post through and take steps below to remove the fake virus successfully.

Definition of Windows Ultra Antivirus:

Windows Ultra Antivirus is defined as a horrific fake anti-spyware that violates your privacy and compromise your security without any precaution. The interface of the rogue program is just similar as legitimate antivirus program, and it pretends to scan your computer thoroughly. After that, it displays the scan results claiming that your computer is not protected. And you are required to purchase its full version to clean your computer. In fact, all scan results are totally false information that tricks you into paying for its products. If you purchase its product and install it, you’ll take your computer at great risk. The fake program damages your system and processes, and it makes chaos to your files terribly. Besides, the rogue thing disables your executable programs for example your antivirus software seriously. Thus, it is high time for you to uninstall the fake program completely and promptly.
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Definition of Trojan:Win32/FakeSysdef.

Trojan:Win32/FakeSysdef is a dangerous Trojan which is tricky enough to download some malicious files from the Internet to your infected computer. It can penetrate into your computer secretly without your notification. Once it installed, it would like to open a way called backdoor which aims to do great harm to your computer. You may find that your computer settings have been changed without your approval. But we should remind you that this is not the only harm that it will bring to your infected PC. It would like to invite many other malware to your infected computer so that you will be received a lot of unwanted commercial pop up and many tasks are blocked. It would like to direct you to unwanted websites too so that you can’t go to your needed websites. Many users would like to try some anti-virus program to remove it after their computer was noticed to be infected by this nasty virus. One of the reason is that they trust anti-virus program since they ha used anti-virus program to protect their computer from threats for several years. But you may find that it didn’t make your computer function better and you may find that your computer can be shut down automatically after you ran it. Actually this virus can scape from anti-virus scanning even can disable your anti-virus program as well. Therefore, we would like to offer manual removal tips to help you remove it completely and quickly.

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How to Remove Rootkit.MBR.Sst.C off Computer Manually and Effectively?

Does your antivirus program recently detect a rootkit named Rootkit.MBR.Sst.C which can’t be cleaned or quarantined? Do you feel puzzled why your antivirus can’t handle it at all? We are hoping this post can help you get rid of this virus.

Definition of Rootkit.MBR.Sst.C.

Rootkit.MBR.Sst.C belongs to a stubborn and harmful rootkit which is not really noticed by computer users till their computer may be a little slower than normal and is received a lot of spam emails. This nasty virus contains all features of the former version called Rootkit.MBR.Sst.a. It can parasite itself in some websites or free software so that many users do not realize that they have got this virus after they hit the download option or surfed online. Once your computer infected by this notorious virus, your computer will be at great risks because it is designed to delete certain system folders, stop related programs from running and bring more malware. That is why your computer can be received tons of commercial ads which with purpose of swindling out of your money. It can open a secret way called “backdoor” which is manipulated by remote attackers to steal the personal information installed in the system of your infected PC. Some users would like to leave it in the infected computer, and they think that it is safe after they shut down the computer and disconnected the network because they have cut off the spread way of this virus-network. But we should remind you that this virus still exists in your computer which will make it more vulnerable because it can do great harms to the system. Furthermore, this virus can stop your legitimate antivirus from running normally by shutting down your computer from time to time. Some computers can be frozen and then leave users with a black screen after they ran some programs. If you can’t find this particular virus mentioned anywhere on the forums, this is the right place to help you manually kick it off your computer effectively.

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How to Remove Trojan.Sirefef.GY Manually? (Trojan Removal Guide)

Having problems with a virus called Trojan.Sirefef.GY? Do you also find that it is a stubborn virus which no antivirus can handle it? This article would like to introduce some manual removal tips to help you handle it effectively.

Definition of Trojan.Sirefef.GY

Trojan.Sirefef.GY is a dangerous Trojan designed by remote attackers with purpose of swindling out of your money. It comes from Trojan Sirefef family which has many family members and has done great harm to many users lately. Trojan:Win32/Sirefef.AL and Trojan:Win32/Sirefef.AH also come from this family. How do computer users get this nasty virus without doing anything wrong on their precious computer? In fact, this virus can parasite on some links, computer devices so that once clicked on them, your computer will be infected without your notification. It also can be spread by application update from some unknown web portals. Therefore, you are easy to get such infection after you clicked on the website to make the update. Furthermore, it is a very tricky virus which can hide itself in the free software. Many users would like to choose free software but paid software when they want to download needed software to computer. After it penetrated into your system, your computer will be more vulnerable. Besides it can duplicate itself without your approval, it will illegally introduce many other malware to your computer so that your computer will be functioned slower than before. Many cyber criminals would like to use the so called “backdoor” of this Trojan to steal your personal information so that not only your computer but also your personal information is at risk. Therefore, take actions to remove this virus immediately.

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How to Uninstall Windows Home Patron Virus Completely (Manual Removal Tips)

Have you ever got fake security alerts popping up on your screen? Do you have any ideas about such a PC infection? If you are in urgent need to get rid of this virus, please read through this page and follow removal tips below to uninstall it safely.

Definition of Windows Home Patron:

Tricky as Windows Home Patron is, it is newly released by cyber criminals to attack your computer seriously. in detail, it is a fake program that acts as legitimate antivirus software that displays fake security alerts on your screen, telling that your computer contains many threats. In fact, all security warnings and error messages are just false information that fools you into paying for its products. Do you know what damages this program will bring to your computer? In detail, the rogue thing is related to system crash and network paralysis terribly. It also disables most of your programs for example your antivirus program. Since your computer is of poor security system, you are suggested to uninstall the fake program promptly before it brings any further damage to your computer.
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